A number of reports in pdf format have been written analysing the causes of the near breach of the Toddbrook Dam in August 2019. Subsequent documents consider the potential repair and the consequences for the Community.  Please click the various links to access them.


GA4 examines the Expert reports (DB1 and AH1) on the spillway failure published in Feb. 2020. These provide many hitherto unknown facts about how reservoirs should be operated. An online seminar (July2020) provided further details.



GA1     Toddbrook Reservoir Report 51.                 G Aldred.                   Click GA1 

GA2     Toddbrook Damage Analysis 2.1.                G Aldred.                   Click GA2 

GA3     ToddBrook Modification Proposal 12.         G Aldred.                   Click GA3

GA4     Review: Toddbrook Spillway Failure.         G Aldred.                    Click GA4 

GA5     Repairing Toddbrook Reservoir  2.0           G Aldred.                    Click GA5

GA6     Response to Planning HPBC 0607              G Aldred.                    Click GA6             

GA7    The Alternative toToddbrook Reservoir       G Aldred                     Click GA7

DB2     Reservoir Safety Report Part B                Prof. D Balmforth          Click DB2 

DB1     Toddbrook Reservoir Report. Part A        Prof. D Balmforth.         Click DB1            AH1     Report on Toddbrook Reservoir 41505.   Dr. A Hughes.                 Click AH1